Hard to say, if it is because I’m getting older (comparing to other students of CTU) or just more in need of comfort, but truth is, that I started to take Taxis as normal way of transportation and I find it very usefull yet still little bit overpriced one. Maybe the main reason is, that I’m traveling more and more by plane and as in other aspects of my life, I usually run my legs off just not to miss it. Anyway, I was experimenting from first with different taxi companies (I’m not taking Uber or Liftago as taxi company, not because I’m trying to be posh, but easily because my old not-so-smartphone isn’t compatible with their apps, so I don’t have any choice), but over all, I found my favorite – Green taxi. Well, the picking was influenced, that I’m also using their other services as trains and busses, but still, I mainly picked them, because they are always on time, their drivers are polite, nice and usually interesting people and I always end up in big conversation about some interesting topic from their lives. It’s daugter-company of RegioJet, formal Student agency and they own two taxi services – Tick Tack, which is high-end, luxurious Audi cars and above mentioned Green Taxi, which drives Skoda Octavias, but really, who cares. And they also claim they are better for nature. Honestly, I didn’t check on that and I probably never will.

Sometimes when I run for train, or I’m too tired to walk from train home, I’m trying to take yellow taxi, which is somehow the proper taxi of Prague, but it’s not good idea. The drivers are usually dull, just waiting for tourists to cash more and often don’t use taxameter. Just tells you the price and it’s on you to take it, or not, definitelly depends on how desperate you are. They are also only taxi, who can stay right in front of the Prague Airport, don’t take them – just into center you will pay more than 400czk, it’s better to surf a little – there is wifi in the airport – and go to greentaxi.cz, you get a number there and they will offer you possibilities.

I know, that these types of articles are everywhere in guide-type websites, but I’m writing it today, because I just took taxi for 200czk from Wenceslav Square (Václavské náměstí) to main train station, which is about ten minutes by walk and 3 minutes by taxi… Yes, I was desperate and I had just 4 minutes to get into the train. And it was also without taxameter.

  • potatoes
  • eggs (amount depends on how much potatoes you’re gonna use, basic recipe tells three eggs for 1kg of potatoes)
  • flour (receipe tells the soft one, I used semi)

Boil potatoes with skin, be sure it’s little bit under (lil bit!) and try to peel the skin till it’s still hot (fork for holding, knife for peeling works) and shred it twice (recipe talks about meat grinder, I used potatoe press – which was great). Beat up egg(s) and put it into a volcano from your potatoes. Powder with flour (don’t put it there too much, you don’t want dumplings) and start to making the dough. It suppose to be firm, but don’t over do that. Divide the dough to couple pieces and roll to a right diameter. After cut to a pieces. You can declare it done now, or shape it to a proper gnocci using your fingers and a fork.

Boil the water in big sauce pan or pot and let it there in two minutes or so, till it goes up.


Note: I did it with spinach and before-baked beef meat and it was amazing, sprinkled over with gran padano.

When I sat on the plane to Colombo, Sri Lanka, I knew it will be more nature than I’m used to see from Czech, especially Prague, so I was never surprised from a lot of flying insect like bzillions of mosquitos rounding around, flies everywhere or bugs sitting on trees. First couple days were okay though. We were staying in the cities where the biggest trouble was the traffic and terrible smell from catalysator-free cars, tuk-tuks, buses from two centuries ago and other attendants. So we were so happy to go more to the nature, first Anuradhapura, where we saw new animals like exotic birds with beautiful colours, water buffalos, monkeys and small reptiles like geckos and agamas which we’ve only known from zoo.

After that we left Anuradhapura for Dambulla to see around 80 feet high golden Buddha and beautiful cave temples and we found nice small room further from the main street in this small city for a nice price, so we were happy and started to enjoy this new adventures. After we’ve returned back from the dinner and after we decided to go sleep, we spotted something on the door. What a surprise was waiting for us! More than 10 cm big spider was attached to the door and behaved like he’s the owner here.

Anicka’s first reaction was to get rid of him, mine was to take a picture of him, because that fricking huge??? In the moment I’ve turned around to get my camera Anicka told little bit more loudly than I expected “Hey!” and when I turned back again, the spider was gone. The problem isn’t when you see one. The problem is, when you lost him from your sight. So question about using mosquitierra was answered. And I saw this big ass spider whole night in my dreams. Well yeah, he was sitting in the window next morning, but we didn’t mind him anymore.

Next accomodation in Haputale was the one we’ve been looking forward for. In the booking.com was well rated, nice pictured and reviewed positively. So what a surprise when we’ve got there and first thing we found after returning from dinner was the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen in my life?! And I would like to highlight, I’ve been living in Manhattan and Strahov dormitory! With a little help of our Italian friends and little bit freaking out from how fast he was, we’ve got rid of him thru window. But REALLY??? After we shaken this story out I went for a shower. And I will never understand, what would you do in a bathroom if you were a soilworm or a bloodsucker?! Shouldn’t you be somewhere in the nature to dig a hole or wait for tourists step into the water???

I’m still fine with that, because I have holidays and the whole adventure connected with my first trip to Asia is undefinable. But… The last experience really ensured me about ants being assholes. I’ve just left ONE! small pack of biscuits on my bed. Was it really neccessary to invade my sheets and spread around widely that I didn’t see many of you when I sat on my bed to read??? Well it doesn’t hurt, but itching…

You know the situation, when you decide to go to lunch to better restaurant, because you want to get out from office, you have a slow day or you are just hungry for specific cuisine, which is prepared only in this particulary one restaurant. So did I. It was combination of all reasons, including the fact I was currently in my parents’ city and I’m not able to go to this one so often. I tried my mum for lunch, but she has been already there and she’s been taken by some duties in her work, so I went there alone. It’s fine with me, I like to go alone somewhere now and than and even if I’m not so thrilled about being alone, I always have my books, french tutorials or my laptop with me to use every minute whenever I am.

Lunch was great, terrace in the hottest weather ever (next from series of “last hot day of this summer” – I lost count which exactly is this last day) and I went with light option of red beets with goat cheese (my favourite), and because of work calls I ordered blueberry cheesecake and coffee. Not good option for me after lunch – I posses very small stomach. But it’s not the reason I’m writing it.

When I reached train station and I found out that every train is delayed for 40 minutes, I sat down and realized, how full I am. Nothing special, really. But there is no one I can complain to. Before I broke up with my partner, we called a lot even with this small things, how was our lunch, what do we do and stuff like that. Not recently, but even last year. And now I realized, how much alone one is after he become one. It’s the low priority item in everyone’s life, but you want the other to know – Honey, I shouldn’t take the cheesecake, but it was so good! We have to go there some time. And soon, because blueberries are almost finished this summer. And they have very good espresso too. And have you seen the offer of minibreweries they are selling?

It’s probably the only thing I miss on our relationship. That we could talk about stupid things. I missed that for whole last year honey…

If you survive till the day you finally get calm, after weeks of storms, breaking points and emotional unstability, you have the right to feel good about yourself. No doubts. But what if you don’t have anyone you can let to know about it? You have many friends around you, which are ready and happy to help you, when you feel blue or when you don’t get along with your life pretty well, but, who wants to hear about, “Hey, everything in my life is getting better and I feel like normal human being again! Isn’t it great?”. No. You can’t call your best friend to tell him/her you are alright and crisis is over finally. I have couple people which I would like to let to know, but what if I didn’t tell them something is wrong, is this information even relevant to them?
However, to describe this state of my mind. I’m able to take care of my apartment again. Not just crise-management, when you don’t have a place on the floor to step anymore or when you stop to be sure, what colour of tiles do you have in the bathroom. Or your passive-agressive war with micro-flies in kitchen and mould in a fridge. But real taking care of the flat and yourself. Like your giving things on right places, cleaning kitchen after cooking, COOKING!, not letting your clean sheets hanged on dryer to get dusty from air and stuff like that. Only problem I currently have is, my vacuum cleaner didn’t follow my lead and still is in depression, so when I’m trying to undust my floor, it’s little bit more problematic.
And why do I feel so good? Maybe some usefull time has passed off, maybe Freud never heard of shopping therapy, stronger by sales everywhere. And what is my Mastercard’s opinion…?

Why? Because our tea is just awful.

It’s been more than six months since I returned back from London and there I am – trying again black tea with milk as I used to do back there. Maybe it’s just learning new language (French) makes me more complaining and more bitchy, but really, I’m getting smaller and smaller cup for one tea bag, so now it’s more espresso cup with a pinch of milk and (what troubles me most) doesn’t taste any better.
Time to go to Mark&Spencer again ^^

  • Zelenina dle libosti
    • řepa
    • brambory
    • brokolice
  • trochu vývaru na podlití
  • balkánský sýr


Oloupat, nakrájet, řepa první, když trochu změkne (cca 40minut), přidat ostatní zeleninu, osolit, opepřit, trochu postříkat olejem, trochu podlít vodou nebo vývarem (měla jsem zrovna čerstvý na plotně) nastavit hodinky a jít si po svých, až bude téměř hotovo. Pak zasypat balkánem a nechat trochu zapéct/rozpustit. Asi by to šlo i jako příloha, jinak budou masožravci remcat a vydávat zvuky býložravých zvířat. Nicméně je to skvělý.


  • Kdybych měla mrkev, dám ji tam taky, ale neměla. Stejně tak bych příště použila víc, než jednu poslední zakutálenou bramboru

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Vzhledem k nepřítomnosti strouhanky jsem plácala a míchala maso tak dlouho, až mě to přestalo bavit a začala jsem doufat, že to smažení přežije. Uplácala jsem menší kuličky a nechala je usmažit ze všech stran. Pak se přetransportovaly na papírovou utěrku a pak přečkaly zbytek vaření v troubě (trochu vyschly, chce to nějaký zlepšovák).

Smažení jsem přenechala jiným, mezitím jsem nakrájela veškerou zeleninu, kterou jsem našla, dala ji na pánev a za občasného promíchání nechala na pánvi. Když už se zelenina tvářila téměř akorát, přidala jsem rajčatovou konzervu, rozšťouchala rajčata vařečkou a přidala najemno nakrájený česnek, pepř a sůl (nebát se, zelenina je strašně sladká). Nakonec jsem ještě přidala bazalku (bohužel mám jen sušenou) a jako odpověď na mrmlání ohledně složení omáčky, jsem lehce zalila smetanou a ještě nechala zahřát.

Poskládání proběhlo v pořadí – Špagety, pár kuliček a hojně zalít omáčkou. Nejen, že se tam té zeleniny schová hodně, zároveň je ta chuť naprosto luxusní doladěná hovězími kuličkami.

  • Pořád se mi sráží smetana.
  • Kuličky byly dost tuhé, možná by nebylo špatné smíchat hovězí s vepřovým.